This a visual synchronic text. 

We have many signs: the naked woman is an icon of female beauty and a symbol of Nature and authenticity. 

The parrots are symbols of sophistication, exoticism, uniqueness, rarity, beauty and privilege. 
The pillows and the peacock feathers are an icon of hill and exotic landscape and a symbol of luxury, elegance,  comfort, sophistication, exoticism , vanity and seduction. 

The bag with the double circular shining ornament  is a symbol  of lunar phases (and evokes an idea of womanhood with the stylized icon of the moon). 

The bag with the double circular shining ornament  is a symbol  of lunar phases 

The jewel are symbol of luxury, elegance, good taste wealth, richness and abundance. 

From the point of view of discursive categories we have: 

Actorization: a naked woman and her two parrots. 
Spatialization: a bed of pillows and peacock feathers (symbolic of  a jungle). 
Temporization: the accessories and jewels suggest to us we are in the present time. 

From  the point of view of eidetic categories (the shapes) we can see a triangle formed by the naked woman .  

There are a lot of triangles formed by the corner of the pillows. The use of triangles sends to us an idea of stability . 

The triangle evokes in an unconscious way in the receiver the idea of stability, security and reliability (about the Bulgari brand and about women who wear Bulgari products). 

The bag has a circular ornament  and from the point of view of eidetic categories, it sends an idea of privilege, elite and closure. 

In the picture we can see curved lines on the shapes formed by the peacock feathers, which define womanhood and comfort. 

The bracelet s, earrings and rings have a closed circular line that denote privilege and the élite.  

The bracelets have a closed circular line that denote privilege and the élite
From the point of view of mimetic and gestural codes, we can see that the woman seems self confident and serene, immersed in a peaceful land, without troubles, full of joy and richness. 

This in an index that she has everything she can desire, so the archetype represented is the innocent.  
She is at the height of his accomplishment and has no further goals to achieve. 

She could only but fall, and fears the loss of  bliss, of Paradise. 

About chromatic categories: green evokes an idea of authenticity, contact with Nature, naturalness; brown sends an idea of stability, authenticity, warmth; purple is a chromatic trans-perceptual element.

It’s used here to send to the receiver’s unconsciousness some subliminal visual messages, which refer to the concept of extreme luxury and high sophistication. 

The images's concept is pointed up by the idea of natural elegance and suggests to the mind of target that Bulgari  is a company that creates jewels that are naturally beautiful. 

A simile is generated by the juxtaposition of natural elements and luxury goods,  and suggests the concept that luxury is natural for a woman.  

So the advertising, in an unconscious way, amplifies the brand’s power and the reliability, improving the target’s  desire for the company products and increasing the confidence of customers in Bulgari, which is perceived as good and engaged.   

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