A content marketing strategy that focuses on mobile, personalization, and authenticity is more than a passing trend – it’s a must-have for fashion retailers in 2017 and beyond.

There’s no question that shoppers increasingly expect a real-time and a personalized experience when engaging with their favorite brands. When they have questions, they want immediate answers. And when interacting with brands in between purchases, they’re looking to be inspired, entertained, and informed.

Consider these stats:

  • Shoppers look for information online before (87%), during (82%), and after (35%) visiting a store. (Google)
  • 75% of mobile users say they go directly to a retailer website or app on their smart device to address their needs. (Google)
  • 56% of marketers say a consistent brand experience across channels is a top digital priority. (Boston Retail Partners)
  • Omnichannel shoppers – people who shop in stores and online – are eight times more valuable than those who shop in a single channel. (Macy’s)

That’s why building relationships with consumers through content is so important. More than ever, fashion brands need to establish always-on distribution channels to meet their audience where they are in every part of the buyer journey – and that is increasingly in the mobile and digital spaces.

However, the brands that will succeed will be those that learn how to be more strategic with their time and resources to rise above the noise.

“Instead of contributing to the general hubbub on every platform, do targeted, impactful content that inspires people,” says Duncan Edwards, a content strategy consultant, and former Head of Content Development for fashion retailer ASOS.

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