How to communicate Fashion and Luxury in an effective way?

The SEMIOMARKETING is a complex system, formed by innumerable variables that interacting with each other can make obtain an effective result. The effectiveness of communication (and therefore its persuasive power) is not achieved easily and “instinctively” as many are led to believe, but only with the intelligent, cautious and aware use of sound, visual, verbal and non-verbal narrative variables.

SEMIOMARKETING is a methodology that discovers:

  • the secrets to create evocative luxury communication, offline and online, which stimulates the target to buy and so to become customers
  • the subliminal messages sent through shapes, colors, symbols and icons to evoke the desire to possess a luxury object, which act on our psyche

Ars Europa, with many years of appreciated and successful collaboration with Istituto Marangoni, school of fashion, art and design and IESEG, school of management, has arranged a micro training course about “Semiomarketing: Communicative structures marketing oriented, aimed at optimizing business communications in order to improve the target-client conversion process, in Luxury” in downtown London (UK), 10 Carburton St, Fitzrovia, on the following days:

  • Thursday May 26th, 2016, from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. and from 1,50 p.m. to 5,45 p.m.
  • Friday May 27th, from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. and from 1,50 p.m. to 4,45 p.m.

Only with careful study and knowledge of the various tricks of communication adapted to the various transmission channels (video, print, Web) you can hope to produce effective communication, so persuasive, so winning.

The products offered by the various competitors often have equal objective value. The key to differentiate themselves is therefore make live a different experience to the consumer.

SEMIOMARKETING is based upon the polysemantic analysis, breaking down and remaking of verbal, visual and morphological texts (advertising, internal communication, web) created by the marketing and communication departments of a company. Consumer profiles and needs must be taken into consideration within the application of this methodology.

It aims at optimizing the sales-communication processes’ efficiency. The Fashion and Luxury BCO (Business Communication Optimization) refers to all such activities that are aimed at increasing the target-client conversion rates or the consumer’s loyalty rates by implementing specific strategies which may strengthen the results of the companies’ B2C or B2B communication activities.

This intensive course is conceived for professionals coming from the fashion and luxury field and other sectors too.

All of the applicants will receive a certificate of participation with designation as a qualified “Semiomarketing specialist”.

Limited number of participants are allowed.

The course costs 650 € (for 13 hours of course).

It will be held in english.

Several topics of our program of study will be the following:

  • SEMIOMARKETING: a new DNA for Business
  • Fashion and Luxury Business Communication Optimization (BCO)
  • Target satisfaction and Zeitgeist: a new contribution for BCO
  • The 8th P of the marketing mix: Perception
  • EXTRAbrand, a method used to extrapolate the fashion and luxury brands’ essence and to launch new ones
  • WARPFRAME Fashion and Luxury Advertising Video on mobile
  • Net semiology fundamentals for digital luxury market-oriented communication
  • Art semiology fundamentals for market-oriented visual communication
  • Fashion semiology fundamentals for traditional fashion and luxury market-oriented communication
Case history analysis and exercises will be carried out aimed at improving fashion and luxury business communication (both digital and traditional) by using tables and methods of Semiomarketing.

Cinzia Ligas, semiotician, is among the foremost experts in Italy in luxury communication. She is consultant in Semiomarketing, Fashion semiology, Fashion video advertising, Net semiology and Virtual fashion. Professor or lecturer at various prestigious university institutes as IESEG in Paris, Istituto Marangoni in Paris and Milan, IED in Milan, Domus Academy in Milan, Style and Design College, University of Bologna.

Books and Publications:
  • Fashion Semiology, the Language of Fashion and Luxury through Style, Communication and Marketing for Gruppo24Ore e Istituto Marangoni Books – 2012
  • Sign and Design. A practical guide to discovering, understanding and using the hidden messages in video advertising, found in Fashion, Design and Luxury for Ars Europa – 2013
  • Semiomarketing. Communicative structures marketing oriented, aimed at optimizing business communications in order to improve the target-client conversion process, in Luxury for Camaleo – 2015
  • “Principi di Net Semiology” for Tecniche Nuove – 2003
  • Art Semiology – l’immagine oltre l’arte (tra pubblicità e marketing) for Ars Europa – 2005
  • “Content Management” for Apogeo – 2001
  • Soggetto Elettronico for Ars Europa – 2007
  • Logosemiotica e Fonosemiotica for Ars Europa – 2006
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