The expression “body language” refers to the series of movements, actions, facial expressions used, whether intentionally or less, which strengthen, complement or replace, if absent, the language code formed of words.

Tone, facial expressions and gestures can deeply alter the meaning of a sentence. This is a fact.

It is also generally known that a walking style sends a distinct message at a conscious and subconscious level: there is a great difference between a haughty stride, a sensual sway, a machinelike march or a slouch.

Body movements send unmistakable messages and communicate exponentially when they relate with other languages such as fashion.

The body is our primary means of communication. It must be used wisely to send subliminal messages that are perceived at a subconscious level by our kind.

To effectively enhance one’s image and fashion creations and to involve, instigate and capture the interest of the potential buyer, non-verbal communication techniques should be used as properly as any other language. In this case, fashion body language.

By using codified patterns of expression, messages are sent “in code” with a hidden meaning through body language. These messages are perceived subconsciously by the audience, who then transfer part of the perceptions generated by the body movement of the models to their clothing.

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